Breakthrough Photography Filters

Breakthrough Photography Filters

(fyi featured image is of Singh-Ray filters)

I recently had the opportunity to shoot a promotional video for Jack Graham Photography where he was unboxing a set of Graduated Neutral Density (GND) filters from a relatively new company called Breakthrough Photography.   At the end of the shoot, I had a chance to examine the filters and talk with Jack more about the results he’s been getting using these filters and in the end, I gotta say I’m impressed!

GND filters are still an essential piece of kit to have with you in the field.  Yes, you bracket your shots and/or do other steps in post processing, however I still firmly believe that it’s best to “get it right” in camera as much as possible.  Better quality files and less time spent at the computer mashing together multiple frames to make one good one.  I still carry a small quiver of filters (polarizer, 10 stop ND, and GND filters both hard and soft transitions)  If you want to read my blog post about my filter assortment, check it out HERE

Over the years I’ve tried many different brands of filters and have settled on using Singh-Ray filters for the last 6+ years.  All of the GNDs available are made of a resin (plastic) and some are better than others.  Resin is lightweight and doesn’t shatter if dropped, which is great for landscape photographers. However resin is also prone to scratching and can be difficult to get clean/clear, especially when dealing with salt spray on the coast.

Along comes this new company, Breakthrough Photography, who has very quickly set a new benchmark for filters.  They offer several different types of filters, but what really got my attention is their GND filters.   They are made of glass for the best optical purity available in a filter.  The glass is Schott B207 glass which is one of the toughest glasses available commercially and is highly resistant to scratching or breaking.  The filters come packed in a wonderfully done package and include a high quality padded carrying case.

Check out Jacks  video HERE

All of the reviews and reports I’ve been seeing have been extremely positive for all of their products.  Many leading professional photographers have switched over to Breakthrough filters for the high quality and optical purity.

I will be transitioning to these filters as well to add to my kit.  That’s how impressed I am with the products.

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