Along with creating images, I work to publish as much work as I can either through my blog or through printed or ebooks.  Here are a few of my most recent publications

Topical Books


Grand Teton National Park in Winter


Book Cover

10 years in the making, this book represents the many faces of the park during winter. It’s a magical time to visit with no tourists and many animals, winter is my favorite time of year to visit this iconic location.

Available in hardcover book

Available in e-book HERE


Snippets of San Francisco

san francisco

Come along on a journey to San Francisco, but not in the typical tourist manner.  Sure we visit all the usual sights, however I worked to capture different aspects of the city that you may not notice or pay attention to and do so in a visually interesting way.

Available in a soft-cover printed book

Snippets of San Francisco

Photographing Bears in Katmai National Park

katmai bears

Exciting images of the bears of Katmai feeding on salmon in the wild.  Up close and personal images show the many different aspects of the bears, from feeding atop Brooks Falls to cubs napping with mom in the sunshine.  A fantastic look at the fascinating bears in their natural habitat.

Available as a printed book in large landscape format

Katmai Bears




A collection of photographs about rust and the objects that carry it. Rust can be an amazing subject as it comes in different shades, textures and hues. This curated collection of images spans all sorts of objects, from chains and springs to rails and storage containers. The images depict the variety of rust and how it shapes our views of ordinary objects.

Available as a printed book or an e-book

Print           e-book

Recent yearly collections of my favorite images

2016  –  A Moment In Time

A Moment In Time

2015 –  Subtelties


2014 – Union


2013 – Crossroads


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