Oregon Coast Photo Workshop Video

Oregon Coast Photo Workshop Video

I just returned from co-leading a workshop with Jack Graham along the Southern Oregon Coast.   I completed a quick video of the experience and you can check it out here


Our workshop was fantastic and we enjoyed some varied conditions.  The weather went from unseasonably warm at the start which allowed some great sunrises and sunsets and finished with dramatic fog that provided a different photographic palette to work with.


We based out of Bandon Oregon, which is one of the prettiest coastlines on the west coast.  Seastacks of all shapes and sizes dot the ocean and provide endless compositions.  There is also several fishing ports close by to work on close-up and other types of photography.

John P 8

John P. 6

We enjoyed 4 days of shooting up and down the coast.  I split time between the Fujifilm X-T3 for stills and video and the Fujifilm GFX50s for stills.  I still can’t believe the jpegs that come out of the Fujifilm cameras.  They are so amazing!!!

John P 10

John P 14

If you’ve ever wanted to photograph the Oregon coast, come along with Jack Graham and myself for a wonderful photographic experience!

Cape Blanco Stairs

John P 9


About me:  I am a full time photography workshop leader and educator based in the Pacific Northwest.  If you would like information about my workshops, gallery, or podcast, please visit my website,  www.johnpedersenphoto.com

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