Creative Dead Zone?

Creative Dead Zone?

Do you ever get in to a creative dead zone where you just don’t feel any creative juices flowing in you?  Perhaps you don’t feel like getting out of bed at oh-dark-thirty to head out for a sunrise, or maybe you don’t have the desire to sit inside at the computer and work on any of your images.

Maybe it’s just the winter doldrums when the photographic opportunities are less than the other seasons of the year, or, there really is an ebb and flow of creative energy inside of us and sometimes it’s pulsing strong through us, other times the flow lessens and we find our interest not as strong to do anything creatively.

I typically encounter a creative slowdown during the winter season, even though there is a lot of work to do cleaning up from the past season and getting ready for the upcoming year.  I have a ton of images to go through to process or trash, I have photo workshop information to complete (though it’s mostly done) and I have yearly archiving tasks to do. But lately, I haven’t had as much energy to get that work done.

Do you ever experience a creative slowdown?  When does it happen?  Have you given any though to why it happens?  I’d be really curious to know what your experiences are in the comments.

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