ProGrade Memory Cards

ProGrade Memory Cards

You don’t often hear much written or said about memory cards for cameras, drones, etc.  Typically you just put in a card, shoot some images and offload the images on to your computer.  The medium of storing images typically works without a glitch, that’s how good memory storage devices have become. We’ve come to trust them and really not give them a second thought.

But picture this… are on a trip of a lifetime to a far-away location, or even just shooting an epic sunset closer to home.  You shoot your images and then sit down in front of your computer to transfer and view the images.  And then, you see this “corrupt files” and the images won’t load…..OH NO!!!!  Your amazing images are trapped on a faulty memory card and may never see the light of day.

Granted, memory card failure doesn’t happen all that often.  I’ve been shooting SanDisk and Lexar cards for years with just a few failures over that time.  In the work that I do though, even a few failures is a few too many.  I need the utmost in reliability from my gear.  And, with Lexar no longer producing memory cards, the options for pro grade cards had shrunk.

I recently came across a new company called ProGrade Digital who is producing pro-level memory cards for the photo industry.  This company was founded and is run by many long-time industry professionals from both SanDisk and Lexar and they are producing some outstanding products for photographers.  To quote from the company website, “The founders of ProGrade Digital are industry veterans in the removable storage and digital photography industries. Each, having spent time at leading companies such as Lexar and SanDisk, brings extensive expertise in the design, development and manufacture of digital storage products, plus longstanding relationships with key manufacturing and supply chain partners. The company focuses exclusively on development of memory cards, card readers and workflow software for professional imaging markets.”

I’ve been shooting their SD cards for several months now and I am thoroughly impressed. They are built as good or better than any card I’ve used and performed flawlessly in the field and in my office transferring images.  They offer micro-SD, SD and CF cards with super fast write speeds as well as card readers that boast fast read speeds.  Perfect for high burst rates, large megapixel images, drones and any other imaging device that needs a memory card.

If you’re in the market for new memory cards, I would recommend checking out ProGrade Digital and giving them a try.

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