What’s Right With The World

What’s Right With The World

I recently came across a talk from a former National Geographic photographer, Dewitt Jones.  His views and learnings through life come together in an amazing Tedx talk in South Lake Tahoe.

As a photographer, I’ve realized and been extremely thankful for the way that photography has helped to reshape the way I see the world.  It has opened my eyes in ways I never thought it could.  I see the world through the lens of possibilities and finding the good things in everything I see.  Photographic possibilities yes, but also, just the goodness of things, AND, not taking anything at face value, but instead looking for other views and possibilities.

Dewitt talks about seeing possibilities and most importantly, seeing what’s right with the world.  Seeing the world as positive, as one to be explored and wowed by, and not seeing it from a fear based perspective which is what is pushed on us through the media and politicians.

See the light, see what’s right (Ha, I’m a poet).   If we all had a positive filter and looked for what’s right, whats good, the world would be a much better place.

See his video HERE

If you haven’t seen Dewitts work, please take some time to check it out.

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