Photographic Comfort Zone

Photographic Comfort Zone

My photographic passion is firmly in landscape and nature shooting.  It’s where I feel at home, where I’m most comfortable, where I have the most to say through my images.  However, i have a TON of interests throughout life, outside of photography that I enjoy experiencing.

I’ve always had a camera and take snapshots when I’m enjoying something other than focused photography.  In the last couple of years though, I have worked hard to bring more of my photographic skills to these other interests. I’m doing it for a couple of reasons:  1) learning how to read, interpret and capture a wide variety of subjects will help me “see” my preferred subjects even better and 2) because these are interesting subjects to me, I’m wanting to see if I can find my voice to tell a story with subjects I’m not used to visualy speaking about.

It’s this first point though that is the basis for the article today.  I posted earlier about “flexing your creative muscles” by shooting often and practicing “seeing creatively”  I believe that shooting subjects that you’re not comfortable with also flexes and strengthens the creative muscles by making you work harder to create good compositions, reading the light differently than you would shooting your preferred subjects, and seeing the everyday world around you differently.

I’ll not write a whole lot on this subject and instead demonstrate through the images below.  I do urge you to try and get out of your photographic comfort zone and try to shoot something different in a creative and artistic way.

Now, knowing I typically shoot landscapes and nature shots, here are some shots that are outside of my own comfort zone


     Rope layed out on the deck of a ferry headed to Victoria BC

Porsche 911

Porsche at a concours car show in Forest Grove Oregon

P 51 Tail

A P-51 at the Oregon International Airshow

Gary BW 1

Portrait of a fellow artist


In a junk yard


On the deck of the USS Constitution in Boston Harbor

Boat V

A boat sitting at dock on Whidbey Island


Walking around Sedona AZ and spotted a bucket of keys


Skiff in Camden harbor


Car show


Old bridge in the Columbia River Gorge

Art Deco

Art deco airplane

Net n Rope

Cool colors and patterns


Porsche 918 Spyder

This last shot is one I absolutely love and I’m so happy I pushed myself beyond taking  snapshots while I was at this car show and tried to bring some artistic flavor to the event.

2 thoughts on “Photographic Comfort Zone

  1. Sometimes, I try to art in colors I don’t usually work in. It’s harder, and takes more work to get something to where I like it, but that’s how you grow.
    I really like these pictures. i grew up in PNW. And Dad worked for Porsche when I was little. 🙂


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