Pushing My Boundaries

Pushing My Boundaries

At the urging of a fellow photographer, who I have to say is much younger than I and is from a more electronic generation, I am now taking some initial steps into the video realm, producing videos and posting to YouTube.   

It’s been a steep learning curve at first.  Getting the right software and hardware together, then, the simple fact of organizing my thoughts in a way that flows nicely, then the actual act of producing a video.  Numerous takes and constant editing is the norm for me at this early stage.

My goal is to share my thoughts on different aspects of photography, perhaps more of the subjective thoughts around compositions, technique, etc.  What I don’t want to do is be another “me too” on YouTube.  There are lots of great photographers on there sharing their knowledge and I don’t want to duplicate what they are doing.  The trick in a crowded field is to find your niche and stand out from the rest.

This is a grand experiment into another avenue of social media.  I’ve found some renewed energy to publicize my work more on Instagram and YouTube in the hopes that one day I could turn this in to my next career.

Please visit my Channel on YouTube HERE or search for John Pedersen Photography

(originally published 3/1/16)


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