Photography Interview – Unexpected Benefits

Photography Interview – Unexpected Benefits

(originally posted 2/18/13)

I was recently asked if I would agree to an interview for a photography blog written by a friend of a photo acquantence of mine.  Not really having done a formal inteview before, I agreed to it.  Initially, I was more fascinated with the interview process and how I would answer questions about my work.  But as I dove in to the interview, I was amazed at how the process caused me to reflect upon myself and my photographic journey.  I came out the other side very enthusiastic about my work (sometimes I am my harshest critic and I get down about my work) and re-invigorated about photography in general.

You can read the interview HERE

I simply wasn’t expecting the process to benefit me in any intrinsic way.  I thought it was going to just be me sharing my thoughts and insights about photography.  However, that was only the catalyst for me to look inside myself for why I started taking pictures in a serious manner, how I approach my work right now, my philosophies and beliefs about photography, work that I’m proud of and why, and so on.  

Too often we are caught up always looking forward to the next picture, the next location, getting to the “next level” of our pursuits, etc.  Our lives are moving at such a fast pace these days there is very little time for us to stop and look back at where we’ve come from, appreciate all of the steps and hard work we’ve done to get where we’re at, reflect upon the lessons learned, give credit where credit is due and just be proud of where we’re at. 

Taking time out of my busy schedule to do this interview forced me to stop and reflect upon my art.  I sure wasn’t expecting to get any value myself out of the process, but let me tell you, I was dead wrong. Reflecting on where I’ve come from and all the work I put in to my photography excited me, made me feel proud, invigorated me to try harder going forward.  I was stoked when it was done.  Most unexpected and so totally happy that things happened the way they did.

Sometimes we don’t see unintended benefits or consequences when we start a project or journey…..but the one thing that is certain is that you’ll never find out what they are until you complete the journey.  You won’t know if you don’t go!  So get going and experience life to the fullest.  🙂


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