Mindshift Filter Hive

I’m always on the quest for the “perfect bag” for my photographic equipment.  I recently came across a nifty little bag to carry my various filters from a company called Mindshift.  Yes Virginia, filters are still important in this age of post processing.  It’s always best to capture the best quality image possible in the camera and for that, you need filters.  And, there are simply some things you can’t do in Post, such as polarization.  

My camera bags are usually full on bodies and lenses that I cannot carry my filters inside my pack, so I’ve been using various methods to carry filters on shoots.  I’ve had a folding wallet type pouch to hold my round filters (which I’ve managed to fit inside my bag) and then I’ve had a nice padded pouch to carry my graduated neutral density filters, made by Kinesis, which I’ve attached to the outside of my pack.

On a recent trip, space was a concern since I was packing two camera systems (Canon & Fuji) and my pack was stuffed.  Heading to the desert, I knew I would need my filters with me so I sought out a new solution to streamline my filter carrying.  I came across a company called Mindshift which appeared to make some well designed products, with a lot of thought and consideration in the design, that also appeared to be well constructed.    It is called the Filter Hive.     You can read more about it here on the company website. 

In a very small compact pouch, I am able to store 6 GND filters (up to 4″x6″ in size) as well as 6 round screw-on filters.  In addition, I can store my Lee filter holder!  I’m amazed I can fit so much into such a small package.  It is, so far, the perfect filter bag for me.  I still cannot fit it into my backpacks and need to strap it on the outside, but that’s my choice in carrying the smallest pack I can.

I am very impressed with the construction and attention to detail.  Made of different deniers of nylon combining abrasion resistance and weight savings, it has a sturdy zipper to keep everything contained.  Inside there is a small zippered pouch for holding a cleaning cloth or something else small.  For attachment, there is a webbing strap running the full width of the pouch as well as a velcro flap that integrates with the Mindshift packs (and possibly others)

If you are looking for one pouch to fill your filter needs, I can say that this is one of the best solutions I’ve found out there.

(originally published 9/12/14)


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