An Honor from the State

An Honor from the State

(originally posted 3/25/13)

Now, I’m not much for politics and all that jazz, but, I am proud of my state and I recently received an incredible honor that makes feel even more proud of this great state I live in. My image, Unexpected Surprise, was selected to be the cover photo on the Oregon Blue Book Almanac and Fact Book for 2013-14. This is a book that is published by the state every two years that contains everything you could ever want to know about Oregon, from agricultural statistics, to economic, demographic and human interest information. It is an incredible resource that is used by anyone in the state or around the world looking to to gather information about our State.

Unexpected Surprise

We were invited to the State Capital in Salem for the launch of the book and several recognition ceremonies. The day started with us arriving at the Secretary of States office to meet her (Kate Brown) and meet the staff that would shepherd us through the day. We were then assigned a person who escorted us through the halls of the capital building, over to the Representatives side of the building. There I met my local Represenative, Jeff Barker, and had a nice 15 minute discussion with him. I learned he lives just ½ mile from where I live and commutes to Salem to work in the House. We were then escorted over to the Senate side of the building where I met my local State Senator, Mark Hass, and had a nice conversation with him as well.

We were then ushered back to the Secretarys office for the recognition ceremony. Everyone involved with the Blue Book were present along with several politicians. Kate Brown gave a wonderful presentation about the history of the Blue Book (published continually since 1911), gave a very nice bio about me and the back cover photographer and gave many thanks to people who did a tremendous job pulling the book together. I was then presented a framed cover of the book and had the obligatory photo op with the Secretary. After that lots of congratulations and a couple of autographs for some attendees.Ceremony


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