(originally posted 6/20/12)

Besides shooting landscapes, I’ve also had a fascination with airplanes.  Thanks to my dad who was a private pilot and took me to the Reno Air Races for many years, I developed a love of airplanes and especially the old warbirds from WWII.  Now that summer is here, so are the airshows around the Northwest.

Last year I shot the Hillsboro Airshow and submitted my images to their photo contest.  I ended up winning the Grand Prize award for an image of two jets performing a maneuver at show-center. This year I plan on shooting the show again, but looking for a more unique angle on the action shots, as well as the static displays of airplanes.

I just discovered a very unique type of workshop, run by Moose Peterson, that allows participants to shoot mid-air photographs of classic aircraft from a chase plane.  Air 2 Air photography! Hanging out the back of a C130s cargo doors to shoot a B-17….what an incredible opportunity that would be.  It would be tough to focus on the photography because the experience would be so incredible and I’d want to take everything in as much as possible. If you’re interested, here is the link to his site:  The only downside to this is the cost. But it’s definitely on my “when I win the lottery” list.

Besides a love of the subject matter, I also enjoy shooting airplanes and automobiles in addition to landscapes.  I believe that shooting different types of subjects in different types of light helps make me a better overall photographer.  Traditionally, landscapes are shot at the “golden hours” of the day and your subject really doesn’t move.  Shooting motorsports, you’re generally photographing in the middle of the day with harsh light and your subjects are moving FAST.  A very different mindset and technique is required to come home with keeper images.

Continually challenging myself by shooting different types of subjects at different times of day gives my “creative muscles” an even greater workout.  Don’t fall into a creative rut with your art..continually push your own boundaries.


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