(first published 3/3/12)

It’s that time of year when our thoughts turn from Winter towards Spring (though it may be a ways off yet)

It’s these seasonal transitions that provide some of the most interesting weather conditions. With frequent storms moving through the area, that are hopefully followed by partial clearing, the chances to capture an amazing sunset with a nicely detailed sky are high. Granted, there is alot of “hit and miss” during these transition times because some much depends on the weather system lining up with the time of sunset or sunrise. More often than not, I come back with nothing. However, it’s those lucky times when the timing works out just right that you come back with some killer shots.

Which brings me to the topic of dedication. There are many different topics for dedication in photography, but for this post I’m talking about the dedication to return to the same location over and over again in the hopes of getting that one great shot. Too often people want to “see something new” or get bored with the same locations when they are photographing. For these folks, they’ll probably get some good shots of a variety of locations, but perhaps not the outstanding shots they’d get if they returned to the same spots.

By returning to the same location time and again, if you’re attuned, you will feel the rhythm and pace of the location, you’ll start to understand how weather moves through the area, you’ll start to notice how the light hits different parts of the scene at different times of the year and you’ll be able to better visualize the compositions you want….which is so important to consistently produce outstanding images.

So now that the weather is turning, be sure to get out there and shoot!

Bandon Sunflare


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